I along with my extended family had the pleasure to be associated with Mr Rupam Mukherjee who organised a trip for us to various places of north bengal..our journey startd on 24.12.15 til 3.1.16.. It strtd frm the beautiful forests of Jayanti and along the way we visited Chilapata forest, Jaldapara, Lataguri and the journey ended on the banks of river Murti..though i mk it a point to visit the forests of this area once every year, this has been by far the best trip ever..all thanks to rupam sir for makin us stay in the best hotels availble nd arranging for the best amenities possible..i hv to mention the wonderful ppl we came to b associatd with along the road includin Thapa da nd Shekhar in whose cars we travelled,they were surely the best company who cud imagine..we were a fairly large independent group of 11 ppl along with my daughter of just 6 months.but that was never a problm as there wasnt a single bad situation as the arrangements were so good..our heartfelt gratitude to Rupam sir for the wonderful expeience. This is the second time around for us with you, i hope there r many more such wonderful journeys waitin for us!