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India is enriched with its natural beauty; but many places in India are still not disclosed. True Nature lovers are hereby kept thirsty from chasing nature and discovering complete different outlook of the India. Miles2go.co.in is an initiative that has been built to let the travelers fulfill the hunger of visiting new places.

We, Miles2go, are best known for concept tourism. Tourism is the job that helps to discover unknown natural treasure; to let people get out of bad breath off from their regular live and relish the beauty of various places. Now-a-days it covers both placed which are known and places which yet to build a spot for tourists. Miles2go is a famous name who has been dedicatedly making the glorious North Bengal popular with its exotic hills and greenery.

Idea of our concept tourism has given birth of modern outlook of tourism; it changes the definition of traditional tourism business. According to that concept, tourism industries should search the places with high scale beauty and spots them out. Then turn the place and their pulls of natural resources uncovered to the world and make the place into a tourist location in order to explore the full wealth of nature.

North Bengal has abundant scope to emerge as responsible tourist location. It requires immense effort to build a location popular and rich in tourism business. North Bengal has all its features to become an attractive tourist spot. It has hill stations, mountains, rivers and mesmerizing view of sunrise from the lap of mountains. Green tea and night camp with fireplace are spellbound experiences that simply one should not let go. Our tourism schemes share with lots more: Home-stay, tent, Tree house, forest-bungalow trip and exploring the dense forest core on elephant back and open gypsy.

The tourism market in India is growing so rapidly. Hence we believe in sustainable tourism where we try to manage tourism activities as another hardcore hospitality management. Here we try to focus on awareness program for our unparallel heritage resources and local culture. We give our best effort in every step in maintaining the resource to perpetuity.

We Also Serve:
Miles2go also arranges some mesmerizing trekking tours in the forest & hummocks of west Bengal and outside.
Miles2go has been arranging luxurious tours in various wildlife parts of India like Assam & Kanha & Bandhavgarh and tea gardens & unknown places in sikkim & Meghalaya.